Return to EVE

Yet again I started playing EVE Online, and have been having more fun with it this time around. I finally have the skills to fly the ships I was aiming for, plus changes over the last year made it better as well. I’m aiming to be able to make enough ISK in the game with my two accounts to be able to play without having to pay actual cash each month. You can buy an in-game item which converts to 30 days of game time (and you can also buy the item on the website to redeem in-game to sell, which is where they all come from). Going rates, as the market is completely player-based, are something like 460m. Which isn’t that bad, I think I can make that sort of credits fairly quickly with my current characters/ships. One kicking ass, and the other helping with support skills, and looting/salvaging to sell to go along with the mission rewards and bounties for killing things.

All pretty much meaningless to you if you don’t play the game, but whatever ;)

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