Daily Archives: July 1, 2012

Dedicated TV Computer

Well, I finally got around to building a dedicated system [krypton] for the TV. It is also serving as a fileserver, to replace my ReadyNAS NV+ (well, once I finish transferring all of the files). Everything is working quite nicely, with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It’s nice to have a 5-year support plan for the OS for something that I won’t really need to be fiddling with, other than updating XBMC/SickBeard/SABnzbd as necessary.

I’m fairly impressed by the onboard graphics (HD3000?) on the Intel i3 2105 and Z68 chipset motherboard. Videos run smoothly, a couple of games I tried ran fine. It was only Braid and Crayon Physics Deluxe, but still… and bsnes seems to work well. I just have to get a controller to properly play it.

If not for gaming, I’d be running that on my main system as well. Games like Path of Exile, Torchlight II, Civilization V… I play random other games at times, but those are the main ones. Maybe PokerStars, which I load up every now and then. I guess Wine might work for some, could be potential problems with others though. YNAB is probably the only non-gaming app I would need without a Linux version or equivalent, but apparently that does generally work with Wine. I haven’t used that in many years, but I hear it works much better these days.