Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

Linux Again

I decided to install Linux on my main system again, since I ending up having to format my two 1TB drives that were in RAID0 (some sort of error on one of them). So I left them as separate drives this time. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS like my media server/player currently, and I’m testing out various things.

I mentioned YNAB in my last post, and that one does work quite well in Linux using Wine. Even with the Dropbox syncing in the new version. The forum posts about it sounded scary and complicated but it was as simple as just installing and running it.

I haven’t really tried much in the way of games yet, though. Everything else is basically the same app anyway, or a better alternative than Windows (looking at you, annoying iTunes). Most of the games I’ve enjoyed lately have been indie ones anyway, many of which actually have a Linux version. I do need to get around to trying Civilization V and Path of Exile though. And play all of the indie games I’ve picked up recently.

If all goes well, I’ll reinstall everything at some point, using my SSD for the OS and not even bother with Windows on here at all.