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Linux… Arch!

I think I’ve actually settled this time… I now have Arch Linux on my computer and even my 1TB storage drive is formatted btrfs. Nothing Windows related on here at all. Seems like a pretty good distribution so far, I have things mostly formatted nicely with openbox for my window manager and tint2 for a taskbar/launcher/tray thing. Now I just have to fiddle around with conky and have a nice looking desktop that works great.

Also, my new mechanical keyboard should be here sometime today, Filco Majestouch 2 TKL with Cherry MX Red switches. Can’t wait.

Too lazy to link anything in this post this morning.

Fileserver plans

My ReadyNAS is pretty much full, so I’m planning on building a server to replace it – see server-todo for some parts I’m considering.

I was going to go with Linux and XFS, but after some initial research, FreeBSD with ZFS sounds better. As long as I can add new drives in the future and expand the RAID array. For example, I have 4x2TB drives in RAID5 and I’d want to add a 5th to it. Anyone know offhand how easy that would be? Well, the actual question should be assuming 4x2TB drives in RAID-Z, how easy is it to add a 5th drive? And more after that?

Posted originally via my phone while at work, so it was a bit brief. I was poking around a bit at FreeNAS (in a VM) and it seemed interesting but more limited than I want. A proper BSD installation couldn’t hurt, since I’m not afraid to mess around with the system. Even if I don’t have BSD-specific experience, my Linux usage years ago should help somewhat with a command line and overall ideas. And actually, I might rethink the motherboard choice, and go with ECC RAM. I’ve never read much on that, so I don’t know what my options are.

Web page redesign

I’ve been working on a new design for my web page recently (previously As well as moving various other little one-page sites I have around to that domain and style. It’s nice to start having everything in one place with one look.

I still have to integrate Gallery and Moveable Type into that design, but I’m not in a big rush to do that yet. With Gallery, it should just be a simple HTML wrapper addition, but for MT it will be more involved.

After having problems with krypton (the computer handling the internet connection, and doing various server things), I’ve decided to upgrade neon (the Pentium Pro box) to dual 200 MHz 512 KB cache CPUs, and 320 MB EDO RAM. I’ll probably add another 2 GB drive for /home, and make that one handle everything that krypton does currently. It should run much better.