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Games I’m thinking about buying

I haven’t bought any board games in quite a while, I should probably start again soon. A bunch of friends have newly gotten into it, never thought they would so I didn’t really approach any of them about it. But whatever, it’s all cool :) Video games on the other hand… I don’t really see myself wanting to buy them anymore. My favorite right now is Path of Exile, and that is free to play.

So, just a small list of what I’d like to get in the near future:

A lot of those are playable solo, either with official rules or at least some variant available online. Good with my work schedule, and for learning the games. There are others I’d like to get, but I think these are at the top of the list.

Last new games for a little while

Now that my WordPress installation isn’t semi-broken, I can post this.

My newest shipment of games are here, though I haven’t played any of them yet. I’ll start on them this weekend :)

Besides Race for the Galaxy, those were among the top games I wanted to buy. That one was a cheaper card game that caught my interest somewhere along the way.

That’s plenty of games to occupy spare time for a while, now to get back into savings mode. Planning on moving this summer, so extra cash will be handy there.

I also should have a Keurig coffee machine this week, the Breville Gourmet Single Serve Brewer BKC700XL. I can’t wait :)

More games!

My board game playing has been successful, people I’ve been playing with have also enjoyed the games (mostly just my girlfriend so far, most of our friends probably aren’t too interested in such things). We both love Carcassonne and I just received the original River expansion, Inns and Cathedrals, and a mini-expansion that came packaged with Games Quarterly #11. Can’t wait to play a game with those new tiles.

I’ve been looking up info on lots of other games and adding a bunch of them to my wishlist. Mostly I’m wanting them to play well with just two players, so that ends up having some good looking games being left out for now. Oh well. I’m going to limit myself to buying just one or two games a month, coming to a total of ~$100 CAD including tax and shipping. That’ll give us time to give new games proper play time, and keep expenses lower ;)

So my new January games ordered are Citadels and Ticket to Ride. Not sure for February yet, but it might be Twilight Struggle along with something cheaper or an expansion. Or Alhambra Big Box edition. I have a month to decide :)

More board games

I still haven’t gotten around to playing all of the games I picked up recently, just Carcassonne and Battle Line. Both have been pretty fun, though. I’ve been reading up on some other games, and I think I’m going to buy Alhambra: Big Box and Ticket to Ride: Europe next. Both sound like they work well with 2 players (and more, of course) and seem to be good games.

My copy of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion is on the way from Amazon, I’m still in no real rush for it. I’ll have to renew my account whenever it gets here, I guess. And after I sort out some authenticator problems I have.