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We finally got around to playing Settlers of Catan with four people, and I found it to be rather long and boring. With a lot of downtime between your turns. I also had a couple of games of Memoir ’44 last weekend, and that was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more games of that.

In work news, our yearly inventory is finally over, and it apparently went well. We sure put enough work into it, and I’m glad it’s done. Next thing to look forward to after some long weekends are my holidays! Can’t wait. Even if I have no plans, it’s just nice to be off.


If I had paid attention when I placed that last order for games, I would have noticed that Red November was actually a pre-order. And would likely be at least a 5-6 month wait since it hasn’t even started reprinting yet. I didn’t really want to hold up my entire order because of that, so I switched it out for Memoir ’44 – probably one of the top games on my list that I don’t have yet. Great service from Starlit Citadel made that pretty easy :)

Board games ordered

I ordered some games today, after looking up some info on a few of them. Dominion really being the one that I didn’t recall hearing about, but now is the one I’m looking forward to the most. It’s a little more than I had planned to get right away, but I decided to spend a little bit more to take advantage of free shipping after a certain amount. Basically getting a game free, saving roughly $30.

I was also reading up on Battlelore, that one looks quite nice as well. I’m sure that will be the next one I get (and/or some Dominion expansions, depending on how much it gets played). Memoir ’44 uses the same ruleset but a completely different world. Could also be a nice change.

On an unrelated note, I should add a mobile view of my web site at some point. I really appreciate the sites I visit that do so, even with Dolphin HD being a pretty good browser with its zooming and text flowing on the page (well that was easy, just installed a plugin and some minor setting changes, and there it is).