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Ah, WoWInsider wasn’t lying to me after all – my client is finally downloading the 3.0.8 patch. It’s about damn time. It’s another “extended” maintenance day – which we’ve had pretty much every week except for one since November sometime. It’s becoming pretty normal. I’ve been looking forward to this one – my Death Knight will be able to tank better with all the changes, and some crafting changes will be nice. Won’t be long before I have a level 80 healer and level 80 tank!

I recently bought an EDGE card for my Nintendo DS and a 2 GB microSD card, that thing is awesome. I can have a bunch of games on there, plus homebrew apps/games, and it works great. Already my sister has found it useful – there was a game she was considering buying, but after checking it out she definitely doesn’t want to get it. Saved some cash right there. I’ll probably check out some more games I’ve been interested in once I finally finish playing through Final Fantasy IV. I pretty much only play it during lunch (sometimes, not always) at work so it’s slow going. I don’t want to start playing it on my EDGE card, since I’m about six hours into the game already. Definitely don’t want to start over at that point.

Not much else new on the gaming front… I picked up Guitar Hero: World Tour. Some things I like, some things I don’t. Too much duplication of songs with Rock Band, though. Some play quite differently in each game, too. It’s interesting.

It’s a pretty good month for television, too. 24 Finally started up again, Battlestar Galactica is back, Lost is starting this week, and Hell’s Kitchen starts a new season as well I think. There’s some interesting looking new show too, Lie To Me I think it’s called? I’ll check it out.

I’m thinking about ordering a new hard drive for my laptop this week, too. Right now I have whatever stock 120gb drive that Dell offered when I got it (just over a year ago), but I want to get a fast 320gb drive for it :) And I’ll probably devote most/all of the drive to Ubuntu again. I miss it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get Quicken working properly there, but I can still use that on my desktop at least. Maybe I’ll stick that 120gb drive in my Playstation 3 then – not that I really need the space tehre. I don’t use it for much other than a Blu-Ray player. My Xbox 360 and computer are for gaming ;)

I also added a Flickr plugin to my WordPress installation, but it needs tweaking for my template. I decided to look for something like that after my old Gallery installation had massive amounts of spam being posted as comments – Captcha wasn’t working, and I couldn’t even find a way to disable comments completely. Oh well, I never liked that software that much anyway. Flickr is nice though, and doesn’t cost very much a year for a Pro account. Once I get that working better I should start taking and uploading more pictures again.