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From out of nowhere…

So, I’m still alive. I’ve just been spending less time on LJ and IRC – focusing on WoW and chatting with my guild/friends in the game. And having fun with it in general, of course!

I updated my WordPress install on my own server today, along with installing the Live+Press plugin, so I can crosspost things to LJ. It’s not like I post to either site very often these days, so I might as well do both at once :)

Starting my Christmas work rush now, too. I didn’t take my days off last week, and I aim to not take any days off until Christmas. That’s only a month more, nothing serious. The last few months have actually been pretty good at work, having a different job code and things to do now. I think the actual job name is Instock Associate, 3rd Shift. Or something like that. Essentially, I work out back in the warehouse doing different things and that’s pretty much it. Much much better than stocking shelves. Mostly, I decide what I do in the run of a night, unless there are specific things to be done.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the recent WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Slowly questing my way to level 80 on my priest (almost level 74 right now), enjoying the scenery and lore along the way. My other chars coming up behind will likely use some addons to help speed the process, once I see it for the first time. And after playing the new class (Death Knight) a little bit – I’m having a lot of fun. My end goal is to have it be my tanking character, but it’s just a blast to have so much dps and survivability. I think this is going to be my second level 80 (currently 61) instead of my hunter (currently 71).

No promises on future updates, but I’ll try to post a little more often.