I deactivated my old site long ago, which went through different variations over the years. From static files, to my own software (while learning PHP, and have since abandoned), to wordpress, and now hosted locally on my own server with ghost.

My computer setups have also gone though a lot of changes in the last 20+ years. Currently I don't have a desktop system, just a second-hand Lenovo ThinkPad x220 upgraded to 16GB ram and a SSD, running Kubuntu. I normally use Debian everywhere but this just makes things simpler on the laptop.

My firewall at the moment is an Arch Linux install on an old Dell system. It used to be PfSense but the drive died and more up to date versions don't seem to like the motherboard's lack of UEFI. It'll soon be back to PfSense after some other upgrades.

My fileserver is an AMD A4-5000 with 8GB ram, using Debian with md/ext4. That'll soon be changing to mergerfs/snapraid once my new fileserver is set up.

My general use server is a Dell PowerEdge R610, dual L5640, 16GB RAM. It's running Proxmox and runs a handful of containers for everything I use, including this blog.

Last month I won an auction for a Datadomain DD670 for $15+shipping, with a E5540 and 16GB RAM. It can hold 12x3.5" drives, I just need to track down some caddies that fit. I easily installed Debian on there with mergerfs/snapraid with some random older drives I'm not using to test it out. I have a L5640 on the way to see if that works on the board. My main problem is the insane volume of the fans in the server. They run between 4500-7000 RPM and are super loud. I can hear them down in the basement. I'm looking into fan upgrade options, since IMPI commands seem limited and I can't change the speeds, just thresholds. Once this system is set up and my files are moved over, the AMD system will be my new PfSense box.

No pictures yet, since my server area by the furnace is a horrible mess with lack of cable management and server organization. Soon!